The Story In Brief

Thinking Robot Studios Inc. (TRS) was founded by Kendall Joudrie in 2011 to specialize in mass customization of medical devices utilizing industrial grade 3D printing. Since then, the company has invested in the development of its proprietary methodologies in 3D pre-operative planning and designing of Patient-Specific Implant Systems (PSIS) with integrated smart functions as well as establishing global relationships while developing and expanding the medical device market. TRS is a privately-owned and operated Nova Scotia-based business that will leverage its proprietary software, experience, and global relationships to develop and expand the North American market for 3D anatomically correct implant systems.

In 2012, while attending the first ever world conference on Engineering on Anatomy held in Leuven, Belgium, Mr. Joudrie was first introduced to two leading researchers, orthopedic surgeon Vladislav Raykov, MD, PhD and Jourdan Dakov, MSME. One year later Mr. Dakov began to work with Thinking Robot Studios in ideation and conception of the business model to achieve the quality and speed required to deliver the PSIS kits at prices comparable to off-the-shelf components. He has since joined TRS in the role of Chief Technical Officer and relocated to Canada in 2015 to implement R&D and production strategies. While Dr. Raykov was one of the initiators of this venture, he decided to remain as key consultant and has continued to contribute to the company with his extensive experience, contacts and innovative thinking.

In 2018 Mr. Joudrie was introduced to Mr. Gregg Gellman while visiting Buffalo, New York. Mr. Gellman, who had been working in the Biotechnology Medical Device sector in Executive Managerial roles within Buffalo, New York was then introduced to the technology and vision of Thinking Robot Studios. Mr. Gellman found the vision and technology of Thinking Robots to be very compelling and fascinating. Following their first meeting it was clear that Mr. Joudrie, Mr. Dakov and Mr. Gellman shared a collective vision and combined their efforts to implement their strategy and execute their plan. The result was a robust partnership that led to Thinking Robot Studios becoming a state-of-the-art medical imaging and advanced manufacturing facility supported by novel technologies based in Western New York.